If You’re Going To Buy Anything From The Laura Jackson x Rixo London Collection Let It Be This

he Collection that has been teased for months has finally landed : Laura Jackson x Rixo London. Jackson brings her unique eye for detail and appreciation for style to Rixo, the London design powerhouse that brought silk dresses to the high street at an affordable price.

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Travel Guide : Amsterdam

  For me, I don’t think anywhere will ever quite compare to how I feel when I’m in Amsterdam. This last trip was my 4th visit to the city and still there is something that draws me back for just one more weekend. However, this one was a little different, I went with the lovely…

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Decorate These Hands With Rings and Scars

I’ve been told before that your first hand shake with someone determines your relationship with that person. I wouldn’t say that’s nessecarily true, albeit that I rarely shake hands with people and when I do I immediately follow it with ‘God, that’s a bit weird / old fashioned / sorry I’m clammy’.  So maybe I’m not the best person to ask.

On the rare occasion I do shake hand with a stranger and breach the unspoken social quarantine, they usually comment on my rings.

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For 1 week the family and I headed the Croatian beaches in Dubrovnik for 7 days of serious relaxation. We slathered ourselves in factor 50 (and still got burnt #eyeroll), ready to explore the sights of old town, the nearby islands and tasted the delicious wines of the area. Our Dubrovnik recommendations: Skar Winery –…

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The Podcast : Ep 2

This is the difficult second album, I mean, podcast episode. Our questionable judgement has lead us to think that releasing Dev’s imaginary wedding plans into the world is a good idea. Okay, so it’s not a good idea, but it’s real funny. Have a listen here : Soundcloud Have a topic you want us to…

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