WhatsApp Image 2018-02-11 at 21.20.54Grinning like an idiot is what I do best – besides laughing at my own jokes. I’m Josie from South East London and this blog is a celebration of all the things I love

Style – 

‘Are you seriously wearing that?’ and ‘wowee’ are some of the rave reviews from my mother, and you know what they say, if your mum double takes on your outfit/lifestyle/sugar intake you know it’s for the best. I mix highstreet and vintage finds, with a distinctive 70s Keef Richards style

Photography – 

There’s no way around it, I love photography. It gets me giddy – Don’t psychoanalyse that. I play with 35mm and digital and hoard cameras wherever I can

Playlists –

Check out my Spotify for what I’m listening to right now. Spoilers: I have a playlist for every eventual mood

Podcasts – 

Sporadically episodes are recorded with the likes of Simply Devs and Vintage Reflection, where we discuss all things from an embarrassing highlight reel from teenage years, to the iconic ‘Dev’s Wedding’ where we all cringe. Have a listen on Soundcloud here 

‘I want to send to a advertise on your blog or invite you to my event’  –

That would be delightful but only if I think it’s relevant to the blog. I love a good event and going to interesting places, reviews and giveaways are always fun too, so let’s talk! Email me at teefygrins@gmail.com