HAIM – Falling

5 Years ago, Haim released their first album. From small beginnings, fast forward a few years and the sisters have  become a force to be reckoned with complete with dedicated fan base across the globe.

Image result for lil wayne carter vhttps://open.spotify.com/embed/track/0dbTQYW3Ad1FTzIA9t90E8

Lil Wayne – Mono Lisa (feat. Kendrick Lemar)

Lil Wayne first announced this album 5 year ago, it’s safe to say that this is has been a very long wait for fans. Collaborating with the likes of XXXTENACION, Snoop and Nicki Minaj, Pitchfork described this offering of  Lil Wayne as ‘openhearted, word-drunk, and exhilarated by the possibilities of his own voice’. Worth the wait.

Robyn – Honey

2005. The days where The Kaiser Chiefs were releasing crowd pleaser after crowd pleaser, Lady Sovereign was a thing and everyone had a Motorola flip phone. Robyn’s sound cut through with her swedish R&B inspired electro on  ‘With Every Heartbeat‘. 13 years on Robyn is back, complete with signature R&B beats and luxe sticky visuals. Eyes peeled for more new releases soon.

Trixie Mattel – Little Sister

Hailing the return of ‘UNHhhh’ with Kayta and Trixie, this week we’re celebrating reigning Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Star Trixie Mattel. We all cannot wait for the equally hilarious and scandalous new episodes coming this autumn to Wow Presents Plus.

Joe Strummer – Czechoslovak Song / Where is England

16 years after his untimely death, A new box set of The Clash frontman, Joe Strummer, will feature a collection of rare and unreleased solo songs. From early rough demos to outtakes, this is a true collectors item (and also comes with a sticker sheet, how nice).


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