Mac Miller – Self Care

The internet erupted in an outpour of condolences for Mac Miller as he was found dead in his home on Friday reportedly from an overdose aged just 26. Tributes came from across the industry, he is a presence that will truly be missed in the scene.





 Silk City + Dua Lipa – Electricity

2 of music’s biggest producers, Diplo + Mark Ronson, collaborate with pop’s Dua Lipa for a track that will be ringing out on dance floors across the county…and probably every non offensive advert in 6 months time.






Spice Girls  –  Spice up your Life

If you haven’t seen Vogue’s parody video as a tribute to 10 years of the fashion icon, Victoria Beckham ( Video : here ), where have you been? Laced with Spice Girls references, completely tongue in cheek and just a bit of fun. ‘Spice up your life, Edward. Spice. Up. Your. Life.’ –  Totally iconic.




Kanye West + Lil Pump ft Adel Givens – I Love It

Undoubtedly, this gets ‘The Most Ridiculous Video’ award for this week. Kanye’s been busy, not only releasing this track but also becoming the Creative Director for the Porn Hub awards. I mean, cool, you do you boo.



Hozier – Nina Cried Power

4 years since his last release, Hozier has released an EP. Referred by the artist as his response to American Civil Rights protest music; name checking John Lennon, James Brown, Joni Mitchell and, as per the title, Nina Simone. Powerful, emotional and stirring.


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