For me, I don’t think anywhere will ever quite compare to how I feel when I’m in Amsterdam. This last trip was my 4th visit to the city and still there is something that draws me back for just one more weekend. However, this one was a little different, I went with the lovely Amy for her hen do (and yes, there were willy straws. It wasn’t all Instagram worthy drinks by the canals). We stayed with a Amsterdam native which completely opened my eyes to the secrets of the city and resident’s favourites.

For a sweet treat : Van Stapele 

Prepare yourself for dark chocolate cookies, freshly baked for what seems like hourly in this tiny shop. Oh, did I mention they have a white chocolate gooey centre?! Just one cookie is not enough.

For shopping independent brands : T.I.T.S

If you hadn’t guessed how much I absolutely adore this shop from this blog post, well, here I am gushing about it again. If you’re looking for something special (and a little tongue in cheek) from jewellery to the most beautiful racks of brands just begging to be tried on and treasured forever.

For casual drinks by the canals :  Cafe de Jaren

We spent a very leisurely (read : slightly hungover) afternoon at this spot. It feels like a secret and feels even more special if you manage to get a seat right on the water. The extensive bar choice (and swoon worthy decor) make it worth the walk, even just for one sneaky pilsner.

For ‘the best steak of your entire life‘ : Loetje

Devs stated the the Loetje steak was even worth having as her last meal on earth. It really is that good.  I’d recommend going early evening, it can get really busy, but also means you can hang out on the terrace as the last of the day’s rays filter through the trees. p e r f e c t i o n.

For your inner activist : Banksy at the Moco Museum

Okay, so what got my back up about this was the €12 entry for a ‘public art exhibit’ but once you get past that minor issue, the exhibit itself is small, yet full of iconic Banksy pieces. If you’re like me and have always been fascinated by the mystery and mischief, this museum is a must. Plus, you get you watch all sorts of morons try and climb the ‘Iamsterdam’ sign from the window for the perfect Instagram shot. People watching is my favourite.

For ‘gram worthy brunch + coffee : Pluk

Half interiors shop (which is pinterest goals btw) half delicious cafe with mezzanine level for seating. The cake selection is delicious and extensive – they’ve even got plenty of vegan options too! It makes for the ideal pitstop whist you’re shopping the 9 streets.

For vintage finds : Episode + Zipper

Snazzy Hawaiian shirt? American varsity jacket? Purple sequin blouse avec shoulder pads? Yep, these vintage shops are your ticket for obscure, beautiful, ever so slightly ugly garments. Head in and lose yourself for hours.

For the ‘zine queen : Athenaeum Boekhandel

If it wasn’t for the giddy group of girls I was with that wanted to keep walking, I really could have spent a lot of time and money at the magazine stall. Inside, theres a small bookshop, but the main event is the extensive range of fashion and art magazines. If you’re a photography head or general fashion nerd, have a flick through.


Thus concludes my Amsterdam round up, all of these are definitely worth checking out if you ever find yourself in the city.




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