My sunday evening, like many of us, is to seriously cleanse my skin, face, hair and essentially prepare my body for the sacrifice (i.e. the monday morning commute).

Scrape that bird’s nest hair into a bun and let’s start with stage one of the cleanse. This has got to be heavy duty and after multiple trials, errors and flirting with over-hyped french skin care, I’ve found Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water does the trick. On drenched cotton pads, It’s gentle enough to not irritate my skin at all, and still seriously remove all make up.


Stage 2 is the second cleanse. For stubborn waxy mascara, I use a combination of hot cloth cleansers :  days when I adopt the ‘treat yo self’ mantra I use the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm  and for those ‘one-week-until-pay-day-and-the-bank-account-is-not-looking-too-hot‘ days I’ll head towards the Soap and Glory The Ultimelt (although I’m not a very keen on the lavender scent, the product itself is calming,  leaves my face super soft and for a tenner it also comes with a muslin cloth. BONUS).

Next I exfoliate with a tried and tested winner : Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator . I really notice when I don’t use this, it definitely gives an extra boost to tired skin. I tend to only focus this in my ‘T Zone’, where my skin is drier and avoid using it on my cheeks – no one needs these cheeks any redder.

Next a mask : a sheet mask I tend to reach for is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask . I stumbled upon this on a whim when it first launched and it’s introductory price was a pound or something silly, and I was S O L D. So if my face is crying out for a bit of TLC, this is what I’m going to reach for. When a sheet mask isn’t to hand, I’ll opt for Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask ( any dry skinned humans, like myself,  need this in their lives).


Then I’ll hop in the bath, still with the mask of choice on, and either chuck on a Netflix documentary or read – at the moment I’m devouring Sophia Amourso’s #Girlboss.

I exfoliate my legs and upper arms with Soap and Glory’s Scrub of Your Life or Flake Away ( – surely I’m not the only one still living off christmas gift sets). That’s probably the stage I’ll peruse the weather forecast for the week and evaluate whether its worth shaving my legs. I’ll then wash my hair, then toy around with the idea of moisturising. By this point I’m a bit over this ‘looking after yourself’ malarky and will settle for the easiest option : a moisturiser in a spray can (Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser).

For the finishing touch, just before I dive into a Youtube K hole for the rest of the evening I’ll dab a few drops of The Ordinary’sRosehip Seed Oil on my face and Facetime the boy, which is when he’ll say (without fail) ‘Woah Jose, you are SHINY’. 

Your girl is clean, ready to curl up and pretend that I’ve not just had a heavily alcohol infused weekend dancing like I was in the cast Coyote Ugly, but instead it has been super zen. I mean, we can all pretend right?!




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