My rule for shopping when away is ‘only purchase things that you can’t find back home’. I stick to this religiously. Gasp-worthy green H&M culottes may call my name whilst I’m juiced up on holiday endorphins, but I know I could get these elsewhere. Think of the case space. THINK OF THE CASE SPACE.

Recently, on trip to Amsterdam I picked up a few small bits and bobs…and may have bent the rules (ever so slightly). I’m easily tempted.


One of the first pit stops on our jaunt around town was T.I.T.S. This shop is everything I want from a little independent retailer : killer stock, branded tit tees and a constant source of cool gurl inspiration.  I picked up a few essentials whilst swooning over the rails and fawning over the jewellery counter; the first was a an absolute musta baby pink tee with tits embroidery. I’ve been after this for ages, I can’t stress that enough. If I wasn’t going to Amsterdam for a hen do, i would have found an excuse to go regardless. this is the extent of the love for it. the second item is the Shit Earring (I still have a little giggle whenever I say that). It’s larger than my usual hoops so it look a little bit of getting used to, but I whole heartedly adore these earrings.

The next jewellery purchase was from a small shop, barely anyone has ever heard of them, guys, consider this their ‘big break’ : & Other Stories. Okay okay, so I’m bending the rules here, but these dainty rings were exactly what I’ve been looking for since doing this blog post. I needed a little extra hardware, but with a feminine edge and that’s what drew me to these flat-faced beauties. They’re kind of like an alternative to a traditional signet ring. love love love.

Between fries, cookies, and Pilsner, the last purchase of note was Idol Magazine picked up the mecca of zine shops, Athenaeum Boekhandel. Yeah, they are generally more than your average Vogue, but the variation and inspiration at this stall is so worth it. This mag particularly grabbed me for the brilliant obscurity, it’s a serious feast of nonsense  (and definitely lifted my spirits for the delayed flight home).




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